Mae’s Bluedot SaaS Blog Writing Samples

For each of these blogs, I designed the corresponding graphics, created a social media campaign (native posts + targeted ads), and often times sent an email promoting the blogs’ content.

New Release: The State of What Feeds Us V: Oct01, 2021

Bluedot Levels Up Location-Based Gamification for Augmented Reality (AR): Aug 12, 2021

How Restaurants Can Improve Their Drive-Thru Experiences: July 26, 2021

Oracle Virtual Connect Recap: Kettlemans Blueprint for Seamless Mobile Order Pickup: May 8, 2021

iOS 14 Location Permissions and More: Oct 5, 2020

MaaS: Powering Contactless Transportation Solutions: Aug 26

The #1 Mobile Ordering Mistake QSRs Make: Sept 15 2019

Finding Our Place in the Travel & Hospitality Tech Ecosystem: June 11, 2019

Three Key Takeaways from Shoptalk 2019: March 7, 2019

Personalize Your Customer Journey with Location Intelligence: Aug 5, 2018

How Location Accuracy Guides Omni-Channel Success: May 18, 2018